What could be the cause of sudden and frequent power cuts in a computer, especially a laptop?

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Is it the fault of software that causes computer failure and sudden frequent power cuts?

A common problem that arises when discussing computer, especially laptop, failures is the sudden power cut. This happens not only when running specific software or even infected with a virus, but also when simply using it normally. What could be the cause of such symptoms?

To prevent computer failure and overheating, check the cooling function!

The main cause of this symptom is likely due to the CPU overheating. Specifically, the computer has a mechanism that automatically shuts down the power when the temperature continues to rise to a certain level to prevent CPU overheating. When the computer is under heavy load, the CPU generates more heat, causing the temperature to rise. If the temperature rises too high, it can cause failures such as burnt-out circuits. Therefore, the computer is usually cooled by a fan, but the temperature can still rise to a level that cannot be controlled even with cooling devices.

Since frequent power cuts indicate that the temperature rises quickly, the first thing to check is whether the cooling function is working properly rather than a hardware failure. Even if a PC looks clean from the outside, there may be a lot of dust inside. Especially if the fan is clogged with dust or the air outlet is blocked by dust, the cooling efficiency will decrease and may cause failures. It is recommended to clean it with an air duster. If the symptoms do not improve, trying a cooling gadget for your computer could be helpful.